`Mental Asylum` explores personal identity in a very vulnerable place, a person`s mind in the depths of mental illness. It is a recording from the first day of admission into a psychiatric hospital. The piece provides access to the struggle of the self and the very core of identity when everything seems lost.

`Mental Asylum` is an intentional revelation of the private self, a record of the mind in ill health. It shows the self talking to the self, no cut, no filter. Here, video is used as a device extending the boundaries of interior dialogue to include the audience.

Mental Asylum Mental Asylum Mental Asylum


Susanne Wawra
Susanne Wawra
Susanne Wawra
Susanne Wawra
Susanne Wawra
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The Human Condition, UN*DEPENDENCE Film Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland / FICAE Diseases International Short Film & Art Festival, Valencia, Spain / ICKLE Film Fest, Dundee, Scotland