The friends Jack and John live in a wonderful balance together. They climb mountains or go to the beach, everything is very harmonic.
There is a very special characteristic about this two, they have very long breasts and they use them as a helpful tool in there all day belongings.
But the idyll is deceptive.
One day the get on holidays at the beach and John wents swimming. When leaving the water, a kind of crabbing hangs on the chest of John and cuts off both of his breasts.
A glass wall builds up between the two friends.They try to get to each other but there is no chance.
So John asks from the other side of the wall, if Jack will cut his breasts, maybe to come back together, but the film stops before the audience gets an answer.

Buddys Buddys


Full HD/H264
Filmuniversität Konrad Wolf/ Uli Kunz
Laura Därr
Laura Därr
Laura Därr
Alex Röser
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BITBANG Festival, Linoleum Festival, Anilogue, Balkanima, World of Internatinaol Film Glasgow, Eureka Festival, Inshort Festival
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